Suite Trezor  Wallet

Trezor Crypto Wallet Customer Satisfaction

Trezor suite wallet - Both the Trezor Model One and Model T hold extremely strong customer ratings on the retail platforms selling them. Their ease of use and reliable security continue to be praised by users.

On some customer review forums, Trezor holds average ratings, mostly due to complaints against the company’s customer service. Slow response times and the inability to help users who have lost their crypto assets are repeated concerns. It’s worth noting that crypto wallets can sometimes fail, and in situations where the seed phrase is lost or stolen, there’s very little a company can do to remedy the situation.

Trezor Crypto Wallet FAQs

What is a Trezor crypto wallet?

Trezor makes cold hardware crypto wallets that are standalone devices used to send, receive and store digital assets like crypto. Trezor wallets aren't connected to the internet, reducing the risk of hacks and data leaks. These wallets need to be connected to a computer or smartphone to use, and they offer additional security features like an optional passphrase that users can set.

How does Trezor work?

Does Trezor support Solana?

Is Trezor safe?

How We Evaluated Trezor Crypto Wallet

We examined numerous metrics while compiling our Trezor wallet review. Trezor’s two crypto wallet options, the Model One and Model T, were studied separately and the company’s broader offerings were also considered. The factors we looked at to judge Trezor wallets included: